The Form 26as: What You Need To Know

Many a times, it happens with several people that even after paying all taxes, they get a tax demand notice. If you are sure that you have paid all your taxes and left no stone unturned, don’t panic. All you need is to submit a form 26as. This form is available to people who face such situations and corrections are made in the system (if any required) after the tax department receives the form. Thanks to advancement in technology and spread in the use of the internet, now you can get your form 26as online.

How can the Form 26as be beneficial to you?

  1. The form can help you go through all income tax details and help you check if you have covered all matters.
  2. You can check your TDS (tax deducted at source).
  3. You can check your TCS details (tax collected at source).
  4. You can finally view all the details of the payments, which you have done and also check if you haven’t given anything.
  5. Details of tax advance, regular assessment tax and self-assessment tax are also available for checking through the form 26as.
  6. If you have any tax refunds, those details can also be checked with the help of this form.

Why do you need to view your Form 26as?

  1. The form 26as will help you get rid of any unnecessary demand notices from income tax offices. This is a way to inform the income tax officials that you have paid all your taxes and there is some problem form their side.
  2. Get your tax refunds faster through this form.
  3. Your income tax details and payments can be also done in a smoother manner with this form.
Therefore, if you are facing any unnecessary tax demands, you must go for the form 26as online. The form 26as is meant for only e-fillers exclusively. Matters of taxes are serious, you must understand the terms and conditions of such forms, and processes thoroughly before you apply. Download and print the form and fill it up for submission ASAP for quick results.